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A Micro-House for Asia's Megacities


Future House Competition



Hong Kong



Ruotao Wang, Shengnan Gao


Rhinoceros 5, Illustrator



Render A_edited.jpg

The Nestling House is a space that uses sliding walls to convert the central space into a variety of activities. By reusing the same area for different programs, the overall square footage can be minimized without loosing any usable space. The moving walls contain different programs such as the kitchen storage and counter space, the office, the closet and seating. These walls can all be ‘nested’ together underneath the bed, which is located above. This position allows for the bed to be used at any point in the day, or concurrently with other activities. The glass doors not only provide views of the cityscape, but also can open up the space and break the barrier between exterior and interior space. Intended to be built on top of existing buildings in south-eastern Asia, this house proposes a alternative lifestyle in Asia’s megacities.

Parti Diagram-02.png
Parti Diagram-01.png
Installation Diagram-01.png
Location Diagram_edited.jpg
Location Isometric Plan-01.png
Elevations Combined with Background-01_edited.jpg
Outdoor Use Diagram_edited.jpg
Render D-01.png
Render C.png
Expoded Axonometric-01.png
Outside activity perspective.png
Render B-01.png
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