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a shape grammar for Lebbeus Wood's Terrain series

This project examines Lebbeus Woods' drawings from a shape grammar perspective to develop a system  to take the 2D drawings into 3D space.


4.521 Visual Computing



Rhinoceros3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Enscape, V-Ray



Terry Knight


Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012) was a prolific American architect and artist known for his abstract, imaginative, and experimental designs and drawings. Although Woods’ drawings are frequently recognized, he did not produce a large volume of built work. His only built project is the light pavilion within Steven’s Holl’s towers in Shanghai. While many have book able view Lebbeus woods’ drawings, a select view have had the opportunity of experiencing the architecture spatially.

This project endeavors to change this. By designing a shape grammar for a series of Lebbeus Woods’ drawings (those selected were from the ‘Terrains’ series from his 1999-2000 sketchbooks), the project will develop a three-dimensional formal language around his work in order to general 3D environments. These spaces will then be able to be experienced via one of a number of representation techniques, including virtual reality, architectural drawings, and models.

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