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an anthropology of the future

This project examines the gap of imagination in deep time research – exploring the possibilities of human evolution in response to shifting prosthetic influences into deep time through projective fabulation.


Deep Time Project



Planet Earth



Sculpting, Photoshop, Illustrator


Cristina Parreno



Deep Time Architecture Exhibition in the MIT Student Center


What if our current biology as humans is not our final state?


A futuristic exploration of opportunities for the evolving relationship between the human body and its prosthetic additions of language and architecture. Could the race of the homo sapiens diverge into a multitude of species? Could language evolve beyond the spoken and the written we experience today? Could the human race develop a new collection of prosthetics for their bodies to adapt to? How might we, as today’s species, attempt to develop a system of communication with deep time, and should we? And lastly, how would the human superorganism of today shift and shatter to create the superorganism of tomorrow.

Lingua Stele


The year is 5000 AD. This is an archaeological exhibit of a recently discovered relic, a relic of the past. Although a seemingly mundane stone this stele, not unlike the Rosetta stone, may be the key to the deciphering of many of history’s secrets for the people of the future.

imagery of object and project within Deep Time exhibition, curated by Andrea Sandell with Christina Battikha, Simina Marin, and Pa Ramyarupa

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