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a short story on casting the strand

The Strand Conservatory manifested a response to those guidelines and the unearthing of the architecture of the existing basement- it is theatrical proposal tying the storylines of the strand and the community beyond together through water.


Core II Studio



Strand Theatre, Boston



Rhinoceros3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D printing



L. Sloan Aulgur



Silvia Illia-Sheldahl, Cristina Parreno


Fig 1. View of roof


It is a place for performance and art. It is a place for growth of flora and fauna. And it is a place of resource conservation, and in this particular instance, water. The design creates a space for both  the theatre or the residents of Upmanhs Corner to prosper for another 100 years- future proofing the historical framework of the Strand. This proposal is not intended to combat the changing climate, instead it seeks to capitalize on the architectural possibilities that such change may create.

The Strand begins to incorporate new programmatic spaces, each of which utilize the surplus of water. The Conservatory supports the theatre, as well as the community, through both separated and interconnected spaces. The water remains the systematic tie nested through the overlapping realities. By capitalizing on the water-supported possibilities, the theater begins to include aquaponics, soft agriculture, a playscape, cooling and reflection spaces.

Fig 2. Fragment capsule models 

Photographs by Alan Ryan 


Fig 3. View of stair performance space


Fig 5. Map of Boston


Fig 7. Model of waterflow

Photographs by Alan Ryan 


Fig 4. View of water-curtain from orchestra pit


Fig 6. Site plan


Fig 8. Cross-section through stage





Here, the water is disseminated to the public via bodies of water and mist to cool down the community.


Hidden within the ceiling the hydro-zannine offers a unique vantage point both to the stage and to the roof activity.


Serving the backstage and theater community, the basement acts as a cistern for water as well as a space for rehearsal and small gatherings.


Fig 15. Hydro-zannine to roof detail


Fig 17. Stair to ground detail


Fig 16. Basement to stage detail


Fig 18. Stair to roof detail


Fig 19. Longitudinal section


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